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Lake Winnipeg Fishing


Lake Winnipeg is located in Manitoba and is the sixth largest freshwater lake in Canada. Lake Winnipeg features a large, deeper north basin, with a smaller and shallower south basin. With the shallow waters of Lake Winnipeg combined with the fast replenishment rate, this is one of the most fertile lakes in Canada. In the southern basin of Lake Winnipeg fishing for greenback Walleyes is very popular. The best areas are typically around islands and river inlets, and it is not uncommon to catch 20+ Walleye in one day of fishing. Lake Winnipeg is also one of the most popular ice fishing lakes in Canada and receives thousands of anglers every winter. The shallower, southern half of Lake Winnipeg is the section most ice fishermen prefer for catching large Walleye. Many rivers flow into Lake Winnipeg including the Saskatchewan River, the Winnipeg River, and the Red River. The Nelson River is the only river that flows out of Lake Winnipeg.


Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba


Lake Size: 6,057,541 Acres


Fishing Species: Greenback Walleye, Sauger, Goldeye, Burbot, Yellow Perch, Freshwater Drum




Lake Winnipeg Map





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